What Is the Referral Rainmaker?

In short, it is A Formalized Referral Strategy – A great way of organizing your business by managing your contacts, conversations, calendar, and marketing from a single location.

The Referral Rainmaker is a combination of tools used to enhance the customer relationship and expand the profitability of your business. The Rainmaker simplifies the recording of customer information, provides enhanced marketing solutions, greater customer satisfaction, and increases overall sales and income.

If your business is big enough to need a CRM, then you probably also need:

Email/Direct Mail and Text Marketing

A Newsletter System

Marketing Automation

Social Media Management

The Referral Rainmaker was created with one goal in mind: to create a useful, user-friendly management system for small businesses that maximizes time and keeps you organized.

Do You Need The Referral Rainmaker?
Whether you realize it or not, you very likely do. If you want to build your business by enhancing your customer experience and seizing lost sales opportunities, then the Referral Rainmaker can help.

Any company that is using more than one program to track their customer files, sales, and employee information can easily benefit.

Take a look at the efficiency of your company’s record keeping and see where the Rainmaker can improve things. If your sales are suffering, your customers’ experiences are not personalized, and your records are hard to decipher, then the Referral Rainmaker is the solution for you.